Mother and daughter laughing whilst playing outside Mother and daughter laughing whilst playing outside
Mother and daughter laughing whilst playing outside

Stepping foot back into work in the New Year can be a challenge- why not make the best of it? There are several different areas of your life to consider that can contribute to a great 2024. Here are our top 5 tips on how to set yourself up!

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1. Consider personal and professional milestones- Where do you want to be in 6 months time-Investing in your health and wellbeing is critical to all facets of your life. Maybe it’s worthwhile checking out your local gym and seeing what offers are up for grabs! Gyms usually have January specials- just don’t forget to keep it up!

Is it time for a career change, is there a field you’d like to brush your studies up on? Increasing your awareness of career paths available to you can give a clear guide as to where you may want to develop your skills further down the track.

Knowledge is power! When was the last time you read a book the entire way through? Is there a course you haven’t yet completed that sparked your interest in the past? With many resources readily available online (And also free), increasing your worldliness is sure to be a hit at your next family BBQ or business meeting. Set a goal, and aim to achieve it within a reasonable timeframe. You will be amazed at how quickly you can measure your growth.

2. Are you aware of what’s going on in your local community? Not only for those who are involved with business, knowing what’s on in your area is great for social events and learning more about the people who live nearby. Being in the know of town planning, political agendas, recognising important events, and “Just for fun” things all contribute to being a valuable community member. You will find people will approach you to find out what’s in the know!

3. Refresh your environments- Take a look in your wardrobe to see if there’s any clothes that haven’t been worn in the last year. As consumers, we are marketed to “buy, buy, buy” and accumulate possessions. If you’re finding it hard to shut the cupboard door- consider donating excess items to a charity such as or There are many people who cannot afford the luxury of buying new and or good quality clothes. Something you may not use anymore could be very valuable to somebody else.

4. Reach out to old connections- Maintaining or regaining a presence in people’s lives will never go astray. Whether it’s an old employer, a family member you haven’t called in a while, a business you used to refer through; or a coffee shop you frequently visited some time ago- people will always appreciate you reaching out. It might be the conversation that sparks a business opportunity, arranges a family reunion, or provokes thoughts to benefit your own goals.

5. Be mindful of your financial position – With society becoming more aware of global external factors; it’s a good time to revisit your finances, to understand your overall position. Banks offer “Check-ups which are a good way to learn where your financial ship is steering. Are your investments providing the best return possible? Have you secured the most competitive product for your liabilities?  There are several useful tools online to aid in budgeting and money management- knuckling down on savings is a great way to start off your new year, as you plan for the future. Whether that be a deposit for a new car, for a trip overseas, or to invest in the property market, we’re here to help with your next finance venture. Give us a call on (07)3505 3099, or apply online.




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