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Home, Car, & Personal Loans for Chiropractors

Are you a Chiropractor looking for your next financial commitment? At Fox Finance Group, we offer loans for Chiropractors that are specifically designed to help with your business and personal financial commitments. We understand that as a Chiropractor, you’re busy and have a lot of responsibilities – which is why we make things simple. We work hard to deliver genuine customer satisfaction with our service, and to provide you with the very best loan product. We offer an end-to-end service, which means that we work with lenders and can negotiate on your behalf, securing the most relevant lending product for you.

  • Home Loans For Chiropractors
  • Investment Loans For Chiropractors
  • Commercial Finance For Chiropractors
  • Business & Practice Loans For Chiropractors
  • Car Finance and Loans For Chiropractors
  • Self Managed Super Fund Loans For Chiropractors
  • Medical Equipment Finance For Chiropractors


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Chiropractors choose to partner with Fox Finance Group

Chiropractors choose to partner with Fox Finance Group

We have access to attractive interest rates and favourable lending conditions for Chiropractors. In fact, your industry is generally regarded as very secure; which deems the level of lending risk to be much lower compared to other industries. We have built long standing relationships with our panel of banks and industry specific lenders, and are able to help you access loans at our industry’s lowest rates.

At Fox Finance Group, we have lending specialists that can provide finance for Chiropractors, and will be there by your side to ensure you get the best possible loan and structure with the best lender the first time round.

Our team have been recognised by Australia’s best lenders as professionals in their field. Our lenders know that we have taken the time to understand our clients needs prior to making the loan submission to them. This means that the lenders on our panel know that when they see a loan submission from Fox Finance Group, they will have all the information on hand to make a quick loan decision for our client.


Home Loans for Chiropractors

If you’re looking for home loans for Chiropractors, we specialise in ensuring you get the best rates that aren’t available to the general public. Take advantage of quick and flexible financing due to a reduced likelihood of LMI. If you're a Chiropractor looking for a thorough comparison and a quick turnaround time for your home loan approval, look no further.

Chiropractors who obtain a loan  through Fox Finance Group receive an assortment of unique benefits, including:

  • Access to the best deals and lenders that only work with medical professionals
  • Time-saving processes in place- most of the process can be done online
  • Hundreds of loan options

There are a number of home loan products available, and we know that choosing one can be challenging. As a buyer, you already have enough to think about.

Let the team at Fox Finance Group take a lot of the work off your plate.


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Car loans in Australia for Chiropractors

Car loans in Australia for Chiropractors

We lead the industry in providing car loans for Chiropractors, and have been doing so for years. This knowledge and experience ensures you get the best rates on private sales and dealership vehicles.

Chiropractors applying for car loans through Fox Finance Group will experience a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Access to the best car deals specifically for medical professionals
  • Access to private and dealership vehicles
  • Hundreds of different car finance options
  • Hassle-free application process due to your highly respected position
  • Hands-free management handled by our experienced team


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Healthcare Worker Finance Options

Loans for Paramedics

Fox Finance Group provide tailored mortgage and finance broking services exclusively to practicing medical professionals. Our streamlined medico lending process allows us to provide a simple, straight forward and efficient service ensuring our clients access the most competitive finance options with minimum fuss.

If you’re a Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian or an Allied Health Practitioner you could be eligible for preferential interest rates and waivers to fees such as lenders mortgage insurance.

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Loans for Doctors

Seeking finance as a medical practitioner? Due to the security of the medical profession as an industry, lenders are more likely to offer finance for doctors at a great rate. Indeed, doctor finance can open doors to attractive interest rates and favourable lending conditions. At Fox Finance Group, we have a specialist that can provide help for medical professionals and will be there by your side to ensure you get the best possible loan and structure with the best lender.

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Loans for Dentists

At Fox Finance Group we are experts in finance for dentists and are here to make finding the right financial products simple. Offered at no cost to you, we provide a service that’s comprehensive and dedicated to your satisfaction. We work with lenders to negotiate the most attractive and suitable loan on your behalf.

Many of our clients underestimate just how long the process to secure finance can be, but with Fox Finance Group by your side, we make things simple. We go into battle for you – working with lenders and reviewing as many products as we need to so that we can find you the best possible lending option.

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Loans for Vets

Are you a veterinarian looking for finance? At Fox Finance Group we offer a tailored service specifically for veterinary professionals who are seeking business and personal finance. Whether you are looking to expand your practice, want to buy new equipment or products or are looking for a new home, we can help you.

We are here to make finding the right product for your lifestyle and professional life simple. We do this by working alongside you and understanding exactly what you are looking for, and then securing you the best possible finance product for your needs.

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Loans for Chiropractors

Chiropractor home loans are different because they waive Lenders Mortgage Insurance from the home loans granted to Chiropractors up to 90% of the property value. It’s either this waiver or a discount on the prevailing interest rates on home loans.

Who doesn’t want to own a house? A person belonging to any discipline wants to reach that milestone in his or her life when they can be called homeowners. Thus, in order to make this dream come true, there are various loans that are granted to individuals by banks and other financial institutions. These loans are classified into different categories. One such loan that is provided specifically to Chiropractor is called ‘Chiropractor Home Loan’

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Loans for Nurses

Registered Nurses in Australia may be eligible to:

  • Borrow up to 90%  of the property value with waived Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).
  • Borrow up to a maximum loan size of $4.5 million.
  • Access significantly reduced interest rates that aren’t available to the general public.
  • Rapidly build an investment property portfolio thanks to higher exposure limits for high net worth investors.
  • Take advantage of flexible approval criteria for new graduates.
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5 Simple Steps To getting your allied health loan

  • 1. Apply
    1. Apply

    You can complete your application either online or over the phone with us.

  • 2. Upload some documents
    2. Upload some documents

    We will simply ask you to provide some proof of income and identification.

  • 3. Get pre-approved
    3. Get pre-approved

    We'll discuss all details of your Allied Health loan pre-approval with you.

  • 4. Sign your loan contracts
    4. Sign your loan contracts

    With our technology, you can simply sign your loan documents electronically.

  • 5. Settle your loan
    5. Settle your loan

    Your loan settlement should be finalised within one business day. It's that simple!

5 Simple Steps To getting your allied health loan

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