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Debtor Finance is also known as invoice discounting; invoice factoring; invoice funding; partnership factoring; disclosed invoice discounting and undisclosed invoice discounting.

What is Debtor Finance?

What these terms mean is that if your business sells on credit terms to your customers, you can leverage against these customers to obtain working capital.  i.e. when you invoice a business customer for goods or services provided, this debt is an asset of your business and you can borrow against it.

An invoice factoring company or lender will sometimes lend up to 100% of your invoice (generally 80%), and provide funds to your business on the day the invoice to your customer is generated. When your customer pays the debt, the remaining 20%, less the invoice factoring company’s charges, is paid to you.

What can I use Debtor Finance for?

What can I use Debtor Finance for?

  • All my customers (Total Turnover)
  • Selective or Single customers
  • Single invoices
  • Progress payments (E.g. Construction Loans)
  • Services
  • Exports

How Does  Debtor Finance Work?

How Does Debtor Finance Work?

There are a few different ways to approach debtor finance. Invoice factoring is one of those ways.

For invoice factoring, you send out your invoices and do not receive payment within a certain amount of time. You can sell the invoices to the financier and receive up to 80% of your invoice value immediately. The other 20% is advanced over the course of a few months.

Invoice discounting is the other method used. For this, you’ll take out a secured loan against the outstanding invoices to receive the money for them, so you can continue running your business. The invoices themselves are security against the loan so you have to pay it back.

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Commercial Finance Options

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Finance Made Simple

At Fox Finance Group we recognise that each one of our client’s needs for commercial property finance is different. Our aim is simple, to provide you with the most effective financial solution for your commercial property requirement. This means researching and presenting you with the most competitive funding solution.

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Commercial Construction

Experts in Commercial Construction Finance

Commercial Construction Loans. We can help our clients arrange new construction loans from as little as $150,000. This could be for the first-time commercial property builder to the more sophisticated larger scale commercial construction loan of $10,000,000 plus. A commercial construction loan facility is typically a type of commercial property finance that can be provided in a number of different forms. It is important to match a construction loan with the cash life cycle of the construction project.

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Debtor Finance

Debtor Finance Options Made Simple

Debtor Finance is also known as invoice discounting; invoice factoring; partnership factoring; disclosed invoice discounting and undisclosed invoice discounting.

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Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans – Money in Your Account Within 24 Hours

Do you need to purchase something for your business right now? We’ve helped thousands of Australian businesses grow by partnering with us and using smart lending strategies within their business with a clear strategy to take things to the next level.

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Invoice Funding

Invoice Funding – Unlock Your Cashflow Today!

We have a number of Invoice Finance options for our customers. Imagine getting paid 80% of every invoice you issue with in 48 hours? Would that dramatically help your cashflow? WHAT EXACTLY IS INVOICE FINANCE? Invoice Finance is simply the use of outstanding debtors/accounts receivable to raise working capital. Invoice finance is not a loan it is the sale of trade debts/invoices for cash to bridge the cashflow gap between the time the sale is made and when the customer…

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franchise finance
Franchise Finance

Competitive Franchise Finance Options

Franchise Finance. Obtaining finance when buying a franchise may be difficult as many lenders hesitate to fund new franchises or new ventures. At Fox Finance Group our Lending Specialists have many years experience in securing competitive franchise funding. We have strong business relationships with a number of financial institutions and banks that can help put the dream of owning your own..

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5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Loan Approved

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