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Low Rate Truck Loans in Australia

Whether you're a small business owner or an independent contractor, owning a truck can be essential for your day-to-day operations. The team at Fox Finance Group can help you secure a truck loan that is designed to help you get the vehicle you need to keep your business moving forward.

With a truck loan from our panel of 50+ lenders, you can borrow up to 100% of the purchase price of the vehicle, with flexible truck loan repayment terms ranging from 1 to 7 years. Our lending specialists can help you secure highly competitive interest rates, making it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

We understand that every business is different, which is why we work with lenders who offer a range of truck loan features to suit your needs. Whether you need a balloon payment to reduce your monthly repayments, a fixed or variable interest rate, or the ability to make extra repayments, we can tailor a truck loan to suit your specific requirements.

Our application process is quick and easy, and our team of experienced lending brokers are here to guide you through every step of the way. We also offer pre-approval, so you can shop for your new truck with confidence.

So, if you're in the market for a new truck, apply for a truck loan with us today and take the first step towards growing your business.

How do I know which type of truck finance  is right for me?

How do I know which type of truck finance is right for me?

When deciding which type of finance is right for you, there are a few questions to ask yourself. To help narrow down your choices, you should ask yourself these questions:

Is There a Use for the Truck Beyond the Loan Term?

If you need the truck for a short time and will not need it long-term, hiring a vehicle is a better option for you. Truck finance through Fox Finance is best if you need the vehicle long-term to allow you time to repay the loan.

Can Your Business Afford the Repayments?

Some options might require you to make a residual payment to take ownership of the truck. Before committing to a truck loan, you should know if your business can pay the required amount. If you need to repay for a period of time, work out a price your business can afford to pay for the loan.

Do You Want to Retain Ownership of the Truck?

Keep in mind if you want to be confined to a depreciating asset, especially if you have long-term plans for your truck. Once the time is up, you may want a new vehicle, where a finance lease could be a better option. You can eliminate options depending on whether you want to own your truck or don’t mind the lender owning the vehicle.

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What should I look for in a  truck loan?

What should I look for in a truck loan?

There are many factors to look for in a truck loan.

Loan Term

You should know your loan term and how long you will need to make repayments on the loan. If the loan is short term, you can expect to make higher payments every month. With long-term loans, you will pay more in interest and fees.

Interest Rate

It is essential to know the interest rate, so you know if it will affect your monthly repayments. It is a good idea to compare interest rates to see if the loan is competitive.

Vehicle Age Requirements

There could be vehicle age requirements for your heavy vehicle that you must comply with, so it is essential to know this ahead of time.


It is essential to be aware of fees, such as account keeping or application fees. Fees will differ between lenders and add to your loan's total cost.

Repayment Flexibility

It is good to know how flexible your repayment schedule will be, so you know if your business can afford the loan.

Tax Deductions

Depending on your truck finance option and business, you may qualify for tax deductions. It is wise to get advice from your accountant before deciding, so they can tell you which finance option will be the most tax effective for your company.

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Business Finance Options

transport and equipment
Transport and Equipment

Transport and Equipment Finance

Fox Finance Group has been assisting Australian Businesses to help them finance their business equipment since 2006. Our team take the legwork out of finding the best deal in the marketplace across a range of industries including Trucks and Transport, Mining and Construction, Farming and Ag, Boating and Marine, Aviation, Hospitality, Office Equipment and more. Whether it’s new or second-hand equipment, from a private vendor or dealer, we have a tonne of finance options for you.

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unsecured business loans
Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans – Money in Your Account Within 24 Hours

Do you need to purchase something for your business right now? We’ve helped thousands of Australian businesses grow by partnering with us and using smart lending strategies within their business with a clear strategy to take things to the next level. We have been a part of the success stories of businesses trading in hospitality, retail, beauty services, transport and aviation, wholesalers, accountants, solicitors, real estate agents and much more.

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tradie loans
Tradie Loans

Tradesman Loans – Money in Your Account Within 24 Hours

Do you understand your options when it comes to Business Finance and Leasing? When we say that we can help you decide which option is best for your situation, we really mean it. With Fox Finance Group, you also get access to your very own Financial Planner to help you understand and plan through the best financial options for you and your business.

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business line of credit
Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Business Line of Credit of up to $25,000

Do you need to purchase something for your business right now? We get so excited when we speak about our Unsecured Business Line of Credit product with our business clients! Having access to a facility like this has already proven to be a game changer for many Australian businesses.

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Invoice funding
Invoice Funding

Invoice Funding – Unlock Your Cashflow Today!

We have a number of Invoice Finance options for our customers. Imagine getting paid 80% of every invoice you issue with in 48 hours? Would that dramatically help your cashflow? WHAT EXACTLY IS INVOICE FINANCE? Invoice Finance is simply the use of outstanding debtors/accounts receivable to raise working capital. Invoice finance is not a loan it is the sale of trade debts/invoices for cash to bridge the cashflow gap between the time the sale is made and when the customer…

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franchise finance
Franchise Finance

Competitive Franchise Finance Options

Franchise Finance Obtaining finance when buying a franchise may be difficult as many lenders hesitate to fund new franchises or new ventures. At Fox Finance Group our Lending Specialists have many years experience in securing competitive franchise funding. We have strong business relationships with a number of financial institutions and banks that can help put the dream of owning your own…

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5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Next Business Loan

  • 1. Apply
    1. Apply

    You can complete your business loan application either online or over the phone with us.

  •  2. Send us some Documents
    2. Send us some Documents

    We will ask you to provide proof of business income and identification.

  • 3. Get Approved
    3. Get Approved

    We'll work hard to ensure your business loan approval is as close to your loan preferences as possible.

  • 4. Sign the Contracts
    4. Sign the Contracts

    With our technology, most business lenders will allow for secure digital signing of loan contracts.

  • 5. Settle
    5. Settle

    Your loan funds can often be processed within one business day. It's that simple!

5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Next Business Loan

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