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What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing is when you receive an invoice funding loan to take care of existing invoices. This is also called “debtor finance.” It allows you to manage short-term cash flow, pay off 100% of your invoices, and keep everything clear and simple in one place.

Don’t think of this as a traditional loan because it’s not. You’re receiving cash flow to handle outstanding invoices owed to you by your customers.

How Does Invoice Finance Work?

There are a few different methods for invoice funding. Invoice factoring is one of these.

As your business is still operating and invoices are coming in, you can sell the invoices to a financier and you’ll free up 80% of their value immediately. The remaining 20% is advanced per month in as little as 24 hours.

Invoice discounting is another method. This is where you receive a secured loan against your outstanding invoices to pay them off and the invoices are essentially used as the security for the loan.

You invoice the customer once they receive their goods or services with the amount owed and the date it needs to be paid.

You (the seller) then enter into an agreement with the financier to sell the invoice to them instead of waiting around for it to be paid.

Within 48 hours you access up to 80% of your funds depending on the specific transaction and you finalise the agreement and get your money.

What are the Benefits of Invoice Financing?

What are the Benefits of Invoice Financing?

Invoice finance offers flexibility to various businesses by allowing them to access their money right away. Funds are immediately available and all sales are converted into cash as soon as 48 hours.

Having this cash allows you to negotiate with suppliers, work in discounts, and purchase products in bulk to solidify long-term benefits. This is all possible because you know the money is coming to you through the invoice funding loan.

In some cases, it might be difficult to understand why this type of loan would be useful for anyone. If you have money and you’re a responsible business owner, you should always have the funds to take care of your business right?

That’s not always the case.

In the event of a rapidly growing business, you might not want to wait around for your invoices to be paid, especially if it could be up to 30 days until you’ll get the money.

You want to start expanding, growing, or building something new, you want the money now because it will benefit you in the long run.

If your business is restructuring or changing the way it operates in some capacity, you might need money for deposits on new suppliers, a new location, a warehouse, or a relocation. If you’re planning to do that right away, invoice funding can clear up the finances to give you the cash flow to do that while still keeping everything else running as usual.

How much of my invoice can I finance?

How much of my invoice can I finance?

The amount of an invoice that can be financed with an invoice funding loan can vary depending on the lender and the terms of the loan. In general, invoice funding loans can finance up to 85-90% of the total invoice amount.

This means that if you have an invoice for $10,000, you could potentially receive $8,500-$9,000 in financing through an invoice funding loan. The remaining 10-15% of the invoice amount is typically held in reserve and released to you once the customer pays the invoice in full, minus any fees or charges associated with the loan.

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Commercial Property

Commercial Property Finance Made Simple

At Fox Finance Group we recognise that each one of our client’s needs for commercial property finance is different. Our aim is simple, to provide you with the most effective financial solution for your commercial property requirement. This means researching and presenting you with the most competitive funding solution.

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Commercial Construction Loans. We can help our clients arrange new construction loans from as little as $150,000. This could be for the first-time commercial property builder to the more sophisticated larger scale commercial construction loan of $10,000,000 plus. A commercial construction loan facility is typically a type of commercial property finance that can be provided in a number of different forms. It is important to match a construction loan with the cash life cycle of the construction project.

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Debtor Finance

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Debtor Finance is also known as invoice discounting; invoice factoring; partnership factoring; disclosed invoice discounting and undisclosed invoice discounting.

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Invoice Funding

Invoice Funding – Unlock Your Cashflow Today!

We have a number of Invoice Finance options for our customers. Imagine getting paid 80% of every invoice you issue with in 48 hours? Would that dramatically help your cashflow? WHAT EXACTLY IS INVOICE FINANCE? Invoice Finance is simply the use of outstanding debtors/accounts receivable to raise working capital. Invoice finance is not a loan it is the sale of trade debts/invoices for cash to bridge the cashflow gap between the time the sale is made and when the customer…

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5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Next Business Loan

  • 1. Apply
    1. Apply

    You can complete your business loan application either online or over the phone with us.

  •  2. Send us some Documents
    2. Send us some Documents

    We will ask you to provide proof of business income and identification.

  • 3. Get Approved
    3. Get Approved

    We'll work hard to ensure your business loan approval is as close to your loan preferences as possible.

  • 4. Sign the Contracts
    4. Sign the Contracts

    With our technology, most business lenders will allow for secure digital signing of loan contracts.

  • 5. Settle
    5. Settle

    Your loan funds can often be processed within one business day. It's that simple!

5 Simple Steps To Getting Your Next Business Loan

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