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Grow your business with a tradie loan

If you work in the professional trades, you understand that your tools, your equipment, and your vehicles are some of the most important pieces of your business.

Without these items, you don’t have a business and without a business, you’re not making any money.

Tradies finance is something we specialise in at Fox Finance Group. We take a lot of pride in our ability to provide tradespeople with the funding they need to take their business to the next level.

A Tradesman Loan is a type of business loan designed specifically for tradespeople, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other skilled professionals who work in the construction industry.

The purpose of a Tradesman Loan is to provide funding for tradespeople to purchase equipment, tools, and supplies necessary for their work. These loans can also be used for other business expenses, such as vehicle purchases or hiring additional staff.

Car Loans for Tradies

Car Loans for Tradies

Using Fox Finance Group to help find the best car loan for tradies can provide several benefits, including:

Access to multiple lenders: Our brokers can provide access to a wide range of lenders, which can increase your chances of finding a suitable loan with favourable terms and rates.

Expert advice: Our team can offer expert advice on the different types of car loans available in the market, the requirements and conditions for each, and which lenders are likely to provide the best terms and rates for your specific needs.

Time-saving: Fox Finance Group will save you time by doing the legwork on your behalf, researching and comparing different lenders and loan products to find the best match for your business's needs.

Negotiation skills: Our experienced brokers can use their negotiating skills to secure better loan terms and rates than you might be able to obtain on your own, potentially saving your business money over the life of the loan.

Overall, using a broker like Fox Finance Group can simplify the car loan application process, provide access to more lending options, and help you secure more favourable loan terms and rates, making it a worthwhile investment for many businesses.

Low Doc Loans for Tradies

Low Doc Loans for Tradies

A low doc loan, short for "low documentation loan," is a type of loan designed for borrowers who have limited documentation to support their income or financial status. Typically, low doc loans are offered to self-employed individuals, freelancers, or small business owners who may not have traditional documentation, such as pay stubs or tax returns, to prove their income and financial stability.

Low doc loans may have different requirements and terms than traditional loans, and they often require less documentation to qualify. Instead of providing extensive documentation of income and financial status, borrowers may need to provide alternative documentation, such as bank statements or a self-declaration of income.

One of the best features about these business loans for tradies is that you do not need to provide as much documentation. This is referred to as a “low doc” loan.

If you meet a set of criteria you can receive a loan based on your credit history and how long you’ve been in business. It’s generally assumed that if you have a clean credit history and have been in business long enough – that you are financially responsible and capable of making payments on time.

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Business Finance Options

transport and equipment
Transport and Equipment

Transport and Equipment Finance

Fox Finance Group has been assisting Australian Businesses to help them finance their business equipment since 2006. Our team take the legwork out of finding the best deal in the marketplace across a range of industries including Trucks and Transport, Mining and Construction, Farming and Ag, Boating and Marine, Aviation, Hospitality, Office Equipment and more. Whether it’s new or second-hand equipment, from a private vendor or dealer, we have a tonne of finance options for you.

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unsecured business loans
Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured Business Loans – Money in Your Account Within 24 Hours

Do you need to purchase something for your business right now? We’ve helped thousands of Australian businesses grow by partnering with us and using smart lending strategies within their business with a clear strategy to take things to the next level. We have been a part of the success stories of businesses trading in hospitality, retail, beauty services, transport and aviation, wholesalers, accountants, solicitors, real estate agents and much more.

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tradie loans
Tradie Loans

Tradesman Loans – Money in Your Account Within 24 Hours

Do you understand your options when it comes to Business Finance and Leasing? When we say that we can help you decide which option is best for your situation, we really mean it. With Fox Finance Group, you also get access to your very own Financial Planner to help you understand and plan through the best financial options for you and your business.

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business line of credit
Business Line of Credit

Unsecured Business Line of Credit of up to $25,000

Do you need to purchase something for your business right now? We get so excited when we speak about our Unsecured Business Line of Credit product with our business clients! Having access to a facility like this has already proven to be a game changer for many Australian businesses.

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Invoice funding
Invoice Funding

Invoice Funding – Unlock Your Cashflow Today!

We have a number of Invoice Finance options for our customers. Imagine getting paid 80% of every invoice you issue with in 48 hours? Would that dramatically help your cashflow? WHAT EXACTLY IS INVOICE FINANCE? Invoice Finance is simply the use of outstanding debtors/accounts receivable to raise working capital. Invoice finance is not a loan it is the sale of trade debts/invoices for cash to bridge the cashflow gap between the time the sale is made and when the customer…

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franchise finance
Franchise Finance

Competitive Franchise Finance Options

Franchise Finance Obtaining finance when buying a franchise may be difficult as many lenders hesitate to fund new franchises or new ventures. At Fox Finance Group our Lending Specialists have many years experience in securing competitive franchise funding. We have strong business relationships with a number of financial institutions and banks that can help put the dream of owning your own…

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