In Australia, veterinarians are highly sought after medical professionals due to the refined skills and knowledge in their field.

It is common knowledge that most veterinarians have arduous work schedules based on the ever fluctuating demand of treatment for their patients. Their services can be called upon at any time of the day, which creates for less time to focus on other priorities such as reviewing and researching their current and upcoming finance commitments. Due to the nature of their expertise and qualification, veterinarians need to be recognised when it comes to financial products and benefits.

Fox Finance Group have a team of dedicated Lending Specialists that are experienced in obtaining competitive loans for medical professionals.

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Loan Benefits for Veterinarians

Vets are highly renowned in the eyes of lenders and banks due to their employment stability and qualification status. For this reason, vets are often included in the most competitive bracket when it comes to loan eligibility assessment and financial verification. The medical field has had countless advances over the last decade, yet there is still a requirement for procedures and services that technology cannot replace. This deems those who work in the medical industry as ‘lower risk’ when compared to other industries such as hospitality or tourism. Essentially, the lower the risk involved, the more competitive the loan options are. For example, a Veterinarian is more likely to obtain a lower car loan rate versus a manager of a small cafe due to the stability of the industry that the individual is employed in.

The same principle would also apply for other financial products, such as personal loans, business loans, and home loans for veterinarians.

Specific benefits veterinarians may be able to access include:

  • Industry interest rates
  • Reduced establishment fees
  • Low or no early termination fees
  • Higher borrowing capacity
  • Low or waived Lenders Mortgage Insurance (For those obtaining a home loan)

Securing the Best Loan Options

With busy schedules and limited time to compare financiers and their multitude of products, it’s beneficial to have an experienced  on your side. The lending specialists at Fox Finance Group routinely work with medical industry professionals, and understand the common pain points that can arise during loan application processes. Ensuring that only the most competitive options are included in the loan assessment, veterinarians can rest assured that they are getting the best loan options on the market.

Due to the nature of a veterinarians qualifications and skill level, banks and financiers generally offer favourable rates to this type of clientele. It’s important to ensure all options have been compared and contrasted- allowing for the ideal outcome aligned with the initial goals set out by the customer.

Take the stress out of your next investment. Let a Fox Finance Group Lending Specialist present your tailored options in a friendly and efficient manner. We’re professionals, so we understand what professionals appreciate.

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