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Finding it hard to unwind with the hustle and bustle of December? Typically, the quarter between November and January is the time people feel most burnt out. This is because we often structure our planning toward an EOY result; whether that be statistically or figuratively (or both, for that matter). Human nature propels a hard “last minute” push to tie up all ends before we wrap up and review the last 12 months.

The Christmas period sees most of us prepare to travel to/from or host events; usually with some logistics involved.

Christmas saving tips

Here, we will share with you some ideas on how to allow you to unwind during this busy time.

Commit to family time – for those who do have to work; consider what your schedule looks like and block out some time for family and friends if they are nearby. It can be easy to maintain the same routine when in “work mode”, but if the standard downtime prevails; consider allocating that time to having a chat with the important people in your life- even just a catch up with the neighbours can make all the difference.

Be wary of screen time. Day in-day-out, we are accustomed to looking down at phones, tablets and laptops when we get a spare second. Most office workers whose role is to look at a screen allows for no rest on the eyes, going from a work computer to a personal device on “break time”. It’s common knowledge that visual and audio content stimulate the brain, making it difficult to switch off if viewed before you plan to head to sleep. It also distracts us from being “present” and absorbing the live environment around us. Don’t get us wrong- a cat meme is good for the soul, but so is looking up and being in the moment.

Get outdoors! According to the QLD Government website; spending time in nature has been scientifically proven to improve your immune system and lower blood pressure levels. This means, a walk to the park, a swim in the ocean, even spending some time in the backyard can reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and improve your serotonin levels (mood stabilising hormone). Organizations such as Parkrun offer regular events within your area (457 events nationwide) over Saturday and Sunday’s to get your body moving (See link below). In short, sunshine, fresh air and or exercise is a sure fire way to improve your day.

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