Happy couple relaxing on couch during moving their furniture into the new home Happy couple relaxing on couch during moving their furniture into the new home
Happy couple relaxing on couch during moving their furniture into the new home

Did you know that buying a large ticket leisure item may hold many health benefits for you and your family?  Think of the possibilities. If you decided to purchase a motorbike, jet ski, camper trailer, boat or caravan it not only gives you the opportunity to escape from life’s stresses for a while, but it could also have a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t believe us yet? Here is why we believe in getting the work life / leisure life balance right.

Reward Yourself, You Deserve It

Not wanting to sound the doom and gloom bells but let’s face it, none of us are getting out of this life alive. There is also the huge benefit of rewarding yourself along your life’s journey. Like most of us, you probably work hard every day, so it’s important to be rewarded for your hard work in order to stay motivated to keep on keeping on. If you have never owned a boat and only ever watched others enjoying it from the shoreline, now is as good a time as any to hit the water. If you have been putting off getting your motorbike licence for some time, book yourself in and challenge yourself to do it this month. If you are the type of person that sits on the beach watching the jet ski riders pull off amazing feats of skill jumping waves wondering what it would be like, stop wondering. If you’re the family that sets up your tent and sits around the camp fire at night talking with the family on the site next to you with the perfect camper trailer set up with all the mod cons and life’s luxuries, then now is as good a time as any to get rid of that old tent and upgrade to a new camper trailer or possibly even a caravan.

Lost Your Mojo?

If you feel that you have lost your Mojo and you’re finding it increasingly difficult to find the motivation to stick to a regular fitness routine, having something fun to do that you love will certainly get you off your backside quicker than the thought of slogging it out at 6am in your gym before heading off to work. You might find that the cost of your gym membership could be better put towards your new toy. Think about the energy you would burn putting your new jet ski through its paces as you and your mates cling onto the inflatable tube that is being towed behind it at white knuckle speed. Consider the extra energy you would burn when you find yourself the perfect snorkelling spot just off the wrecks and you spend the next few hours snorkelling around before heading back to the boat ramp in your new boat. Surely this could benefit to your health and wellbeing. Don’t think for one minute that just by having a gym membership and hoping to slog it out two or three times a week will keep you fit. You have to want to go and you have to enjoy what you are doing to keep your motivation up to do it long enough to get the health benefits.

Hit the Great Outdoors

Did you know that it has been proven that enjoying the great outdoors is a reliever of stress and anxiety? There is nothing quite like hitching up your new camper trailer and hitting the open road for a family week end getaway, or, grabbing a couple of mates and winding your way through some of your favourite mountain ranges on your new motorbike before stopping for lunch at your favourite watering hole. Getting away from the crowds and life’s daily pressures is sometimes all you need to hit life’s reset button and get ready to go again.

Hanging Out with People

This one is short and sweet. Sometimes the best part about living life isn’t the rush that an extreme adrenalin junkie would get from racing around a race track or jumping their jet ski over the biggest wave that they can find. Sometimes the best part is giving yourself the chance to spend quality time with your family and friends just hanging out.

Spend More Time Just Relaxing

We all know that life can fly along at a ridiculous pace. When we are young we want each day to pass quickly, but as we mature (not get older) we want time to slow down so we can enjoy every moment. Do you find yourself considering life’s choices, for example, money, family and friends or your job security? Some days does it feel like it is practically impossible to find the time to just sit and relax? If you answered yes to either of these, maybe it’s time to consider your next move.

Your Next Move

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