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Client Shaking Finance brokers hand

So What Sets You Apart?

I was asked the other day, “What sets Fox Finance Group apart from the others”? It was a great question and I could’ve easily spent an hour answering it, but I managed to condense it down to one simple answer and give one example out of the many clients that we help each day.

“We succeed where others have failed!”

We constantly get requests to help clients with finance after they have been declined by their bank, and even see examples whereby they have been given a decline by another Broker.

Not all Finance Professionals are created equal.

One example that springs to mind is a couple that came to us originally wanting to finance a classic car through their business. Their bank wouldn’t help them due to the age of the vehicle, being a classic car. We were able to quickly secure them a low rate classic car loan with a niche lender on some very good terms. What this has led to since this original loan is more lending for these clients both personally and for their business. Lending such as more cars, a crane for their business, a restructure of their home loan debt to free up an personal encumbrance on their home loan with a no cost exit strategy from this loan to add flexibility for them, and to structure this debt into their Self-Managed Super Fund. On top of this our Financial Planner then worked closely with them to avert disaster by providing sound advice to not go ahead with the way that they were instructed by an Accountant to set up a commercial purchase via this SMSF. You can read more about this and how our Financial Planner saved them thousands in fines as well as a whole lot of heartache.

At Fox Finance Group we are in a very enviable position of having multiple divisions that can all work in together to get the very best finance outcome for our clients right across our panel of 50+ lenders. We have specialists supporting our clients needing Car Loans, Home Loans, Personal Loans, Leisure Loans, Business Loans and Financial Planning.

A lot of the time we find that our clients may have already been dealing with their bank directly, and the person that they run into online at the bank or even in the branch doesn’t really have the in-depth experience that is required to be across all facets of lending as is needed in today’s finance market.  Unfortunately, this can result in the client being given an unnecessary decline and a feeling of disappointment.

I’m afraid the odds are stacked against someone looking for a loan approval unless you are dealing with someone that knows their stuff right from the very start. It’s impossible for the everyday person to have such knowledge, and if you take the risk of applying at multiple places at the same time you are also taking the risk of destroying your credit rating at the same time. Lenders today are highly driven by your credit score, and every hit you put on your credit file reduces your credit score and in turn this reduces your ability to borrow money at competitive rates.

At Fox Finance Group, our application process does not affect your credit score. We take the time to fully assess your situation to ensure that when we apply on your behalf with the best lender, you have the best chance of approval, limiting the hits on your file and keeping your credit score in the best shape it can be, not only for now but also for the future as well.

But don’t take our word for it, read the testimonials that we receive from our clients.

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