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Home Loan Health Check

It's amazing how quickly our lives can change, whether it's a growing family, a new job, or maybe just a change of pace.


No matter how your life has changed, it's essential that your loan continues to meet your needs.

Even if you've had your current home loan for only a couple of years, it's possible you could take advantage of different loan features or even secure a lower rate.

What can you expect when you speak with us?

  • Your Home Loan specialist will find out as much as possible about your circumstances and goals, to see how we can support you.
  • You get to ask us all those burning questions you may have about home loans and home buying. Our Home Loan Specialists have a wealth of knowledge built over years of helping clients with every scenario under the sun, so they're a great resource for you to tap into.
  • Based on your circumstances and needs, your Home Loan Specialists will use our sophisticated software to compare hundreds of home loans from a wide choice of lenders, including the big four banks.
  • Together, you'll identify the right home loan for you based on your individual needs. Should you decide you wish to go ahead with an application, your Home Loan Specialists will prepare all of the paperwork and support you through the entire application and settlement process.
  • We'll evaluate and compare your loan with hundreds of others by taking into account rates, fees and features to make sure you have the loan that's right for you.

Speak with us if you are:

  • Thinking about topping up your home loan;
  • Coming to the end of a fixed rate term;
  • Aiming to pay off your home sooner;
  • Looking to reduce or lock in your repayments;
  • Planning renovations; or
  • Considering buying an investment property



Here at Fox Finance Group, our team care about helping you understand your credit score and what it means for you. Speak with your Lending Specialist about how we help you protect your credit score and what you can do to grow your credit rating.

If you are keen to learn more or you are ready to act now, you can contact us on 1300 665 906 or book in online right now.

Free Home Loan Health Check


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