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Here at Fox Finance Group, our team of Lending Specialists are equipped to handle just about any sort of loan you can think of. In particular:

If we were to focus just on car loans for a moment, there are hundreds of car loan providers in the Australian marketplace jostling for your vehicle finance business. This enormous list of Australian banks and financial institutions can be overwhelming for even the most informed car buyer, with each one offering their own variations on the range of car loans available for individuals and businesses.

Our Australian car loans guide attempts to cut through the jarjon and explain how to get the best car loan, from Australia's biggest banks to some get a much better understanding of what each lender offers and the variations you will encounter in the wider loan marketplace.

Australian Car Loans

In each of the bank profiles we've created, we dissect the various loan options so you understand what they offer and how it will affect your ability to repay the loan. We also provide you with our customers with access to a loan repayment calculator so you can work out how much your loan might cost you before you commit to anything.


Each and every customer that we help comes on a journey with us to ensure that we give you every opportunity to make an informed decision about which finance provider is best suited to you.

We even highlight some of their community programs and initiatives so you can factor their contribution to society in your final decision if you so choose.

By reading through our individual lender guides, you'll have a better understanding of how each lender calculates the following factors into their products:

  • Fixed vs variable vs comparison interest rates
  • Secured vs unsecured loans
  • Car loans vs personal loans for individuals
  • Chattel mortgage vs finance lease vs hire purchase vs novated lease for businesses
  • Loan terms
  • Repayment options
  • Establishment and ongoing fees
  • Balloon payments
  • Terms and conditions including age of the car and where you want to buy the car from
  • Eligibility criteria including age restrictions, credit ratings, employment status and income

Our car loan guides help to answer many of the questions you will have when searching for the right car loan for you. You'll have a better understanding of your borrowing power, periodical repayment commitments and other car loan features that may benefit you in some way such as tax breaks for business owners.

Australian Banks

We have formed relationships over many years with a wide range of Australian loan providers. As such we have intimate knowledge of each of their loan products that they offer, and the best deals available at any particular moment in time. Although we will do all of the legwork for you, we want to work together with you to get you the best loan deal on the market that you feel most comfortable with and suits your individual circumstances.

By clicking on the bank logos below, you can read about what each bank offers for individuals and businesses, how they structure their various loan options, and how that will reflect in your car loan pre-approval

If you would like us to do the leg work for you, review all offers and present you with the best options simply call us on 1300 665 906 or complete our quick online application.

Fox Finance Group

We work with many of Australia's biggest and most reputable banks and financial institutions to ensure you receive the best car loan deal possible for your current set of circumstances. Every month we help everyday Australians get the best car loan deals available, whether it's for their own personal use, or for commercial purposes.

The car loan process can be long and tedious for someone doing it on their own, but our car loan lending specialists will step you through the process. For a look at the process involved in securing a car loan from the moment you make the decision that you need a new car, to the moment you actually own it, check out why we are the preferred choice.

By partnering with Fox Finance Group, we can take a lot of the guesswork out of searching for the right car loan, and increase the chances of the securing a successful loan approval the first time. We work hard to protect your credit score, and we do this by taking the time to perfectly understand your needs and your situation before we approach any lender.

Generally speaking, once you have provided us with the information we require, we can have your loan pre-approval set in place within 24 hours. This means that could be driving around in your new car within 24 hours from the first moment you speak with one of our car loan lending specialists.


Here Are Some of Our Lenders

Here at Fox Finance Group we are very passionate about educating our customers and providing them as much detail as we can so they can make an educated decision.

We provide our customers a wide range of loan repayment calculators so you can work out how much your finance could be and much more.

Our team are here to help you when you have more questions or are ready to apply. Apply online or speak with the team on 1300 665 906.

If you'd like to know how much you qualify for, no problem, speak with us about setting up a loan pre-approval so you know exactly how much your loan will be even before you commit to proceed. This is an obligation free service that we provide our customers.

Here at Fox Finance Group, our team care about helping you understand your credit score and what it means for you. Speak with your Lending Specialist about how we help you protect your credit score and what you can do to grow your credit rating.


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  • We have access to the best lenders wtih the lowest interest rates
  • We offer you a free credit assessment without affecting your credit score
  • We provide loan pre-approvals so you can go shopping with peace of mind
  • We help you understand and protect your credit score
  • We offer a speedy service with same day loan approvals
  • We do all the running around and hard work to find you the very best deal

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