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Why Let Us Help You?

  • We have access to low business loan rates
  • We are accredted with many banks and  alternative business lenders
  • We can help with lo doc facilities
  • Out approvals are fast so you can keep getting on with business
  • This is what we love doing, we specialise in business loans

We specialise in providing finance solutions to small and medium businesses in Australia. Our business has been running since 2006 and has provided hundreds of business loans to our customers in that time.

  • Freedom and Flexibility We have a wide range of different business loan lenders to choose from which enables us to match your needs to the right loan product.
  • Dependible and Reliable  With decades of experience in our team, we can offer the right advice for your business around debt structuring. 
  • Australian Ownership Fox Finance Group is an Australian owned family business that has been operating since 2006.

Why Choose Us?

At Fox Finance Group, we do all the running around for you. From our initial chat, we organise all the paperwork and guide you through the loan process, saving you time and money. We are confident that the business loan facilities and structures arranged by our team will not only be the right facility for you but will also be the most competitive on the market today.

Non-Conforming Lenders

For those customers that don't qualify for traditional bank business loans we can offer non conforming business loan facilities through several alternate funding companies. It's safe to say that we have all bases covered for you!


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