Happy couple picking up their new home keys Happy couple picking up their new home keys
Happy couple picking up their new home keys

It’s time to give your home loan some love

Over the past couple of years, people have been urged to consistently check up on their personal health. This raises the question of what else we should review in our day-to-day lives. One of the most significant financial commitments in a household is the mortgage itself. It’s important to ensure that your home loan is getting the health check that it needs. Customers are often surprised at the benefits on offer for home loan refinancing products; some include cashback deals, fixed interest rate periods and more.

Consider all options available

If you’re booking a holiday, it’s rare to select your accommodation without comparing any other options. Would you do the same with your home loan? When you approach a Home Loan Specialist, they can compare and contrast all options available to you. The benefit of having a large panel of lenders and banks means that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your home loan health check

Understand your portfolio

Having a discussion with a Home Loan Lending Specialist not only provides a tailored assessment but it also educates you on your overall position. Interest rates play a significant role in your mortgage repayments, but you should consider the other factors of your profile. Home loan health checks will review your overall position, including assets, liabilities, spending habits, and future projections.

Back to home loan basics

Let’s wind back to a home loan application start line. Eligibility for a home loan is based on a few core values: affordability, credit history, and consistency in job and residency. At Fox Home Loans, we provide a free copy of your credit file and help you understand what is sitting on there before moving forward. You will also receive a free comprehensive valuation on your current property and a one-page loan comparison with the most competitive lender options and features. You’ll be able to see how much a refinance may save you.

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