A family holding hands walking into the sunshine. A family holding hands walking into the sunshine.
A family holding hands walking into the sunshine.

As the year swiftly draws to a close, we find ourselves on the cusp of the festive season. November, often described as “the calm before the storm”, signals a moment to prepare for the impending end-of-year activities.

A family holding hands walking into the sunshine.

When discussing the fast approaching end of year, most people’s immediate considerations surround business closures, family gatherings, the obligatory Christmas shopping escapades, and the anticipation of busier roads. Let’s take a moment to contemplate the financial prospect that associates with time off work, the frenzy of holiday shopping, and the inclination towards elevated spending.

As a finance brokerage having been established on the Sunshine Coast for 17 years and counting, we have a comprehensive understanding of the increased amount of spending between November and January. We understand that these months traditionally display a higher transactional trend compared to the rest of the year. In this blog, we outline how a personal loan can be leveraged to aid in several aspects this Christmas.

Consolidate debts and increase cash flow

You may have experienced the intricacies of juggling multiple repayments on varying days. The balancing act can easily slip out of control if your salary is credit even a day late, or if unforeseen expenses arise. Missed repayments attract dishonour fees, affect your documented repayment history, and often have a flow-on effect into other financial commitments. As experienced lending specialists, our team has seen hundreds of customers benefit from a personal loan for debt consolidation. Picture it like this: we all try to reduce the amount of trips from the car to the house with our groceries; why not bundle your repayments all into one? In most cases, a personal loan for debt consolidation not only provides convenience, it can reduce the overall amount you pay over the term of the loan compared to paying interest on multiple different facilities.

Make use of your time off, and plan a trip

The two most popular time periods when Australians have the opportunity to take leave is during Easter and Christmas. If your workplace offers the opportunity to take a well-deserved break, it’s worthwhile considering a trip away. You may have a favourite getaway spot, or have the itch to discover somewhere new. Whilst organising a family holiday might seem financially and logistically challenging, the use of a personal travel loan can simplify things. Fox Finance Group is accredited with multiple lenders offering some of the best personal loan rates on the market this month. There’s never been a better time to book that flight, pack the tent, or go on a road trip!

Elevate your space for the festivities

Most of us know the last minute stress of cleaning and tidying the house before family come to visit. Creating a space that caters for more people in the household than usual can be time consuming and stressful. “How many times did we say we were going to upgrade the loungeroom?”. Having some extra cash on hand can help bring those furnishing improvement plans to fruition earlier than expected. What better time to secure a low rate personal loan than when you’re preparing to host a family event? With accreditations to over 50 different lenders, Fox Finance Group have a multitude of options at your fingertips for your next home renovation or furniture upgrade.

Indulge in self-gifting this Christmas

Consider changing things up from the convention of gift-giving to others, and entertain the prospect of treating yourself this year! Christmas sales don’t just stop at goods stores and online retailers. Larger assets such as motorbikes, jetskis and cars are also contenders for marked down prices. It could be the right time to consider that family vehicle upgrade, or to invest in a new toy for the family during Summer. In several cases, a personal loan can offer a lower interest rate than a secured loan product. As part of our customer experience, we explain all aspects of your loan features so you can rest assured that the best loan will be secured to suit your individual needs. After all, treating yourself isn’t just an indulgence; it’s a savvy investment in your wellbeing.

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