Australia is open for business again.

Fox Finance Group would like to congratulate Scott Morrison and the Coalition for their re election to govern Australia.

With this unexpected win Australia has experienced in the first few days after the vote a more confident business outlook including shares in the Australian stock exchange having record highs. In addition to this many lenders are very confident now to approve our clients loans. We’ve seen this demonstrated in the last few days with the increased activity and desire from our lenders to help our clients, in fact its almost like someone has flicked a switch and all the lenders are ready to do business again.

We welcome the first home loan deposit scheme and other policies which will give the property sector a boost. I’m really excited to see how the Australian economy can continue to grow over the next three years. If now is the right time for any type of finance for you whether that’s a personal loan, a car loan, refinancing your home loan for a better interest rate or a business loan then please contact us at Fox Finance Group as there really has never been a better time.

Lets get Australia moving again!

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