Times of Change.... and Certainty

Written on the 12 March 2020 by Nathan Drew, Fox Finance Group

Times of Change.... and Certainty


We are all living in interesting times right now. Who would have dreamt that international borders would be closed because of a virus? That the world seems to be turning its back on globalisation. That stalwart businesses around the world are closing tonnes of stores

Competitors that recently seemed formidable and strong are teetering.

As the aphorism states, there are only three certainties in life death, taxes and change. For most people, change is the unsettling certainty and can lead to fear-based reactions. Homeostasis is a profound influence on all our behaviours.

People like comfort zones. Change is difficult. Threatening.

Healthy Relationships are your certainty.

Stable relationships are one of society's most robust insurances against change. Relationships founded on trust, loyalty and reciprocity. People (and businesses) doing as they say they will, keeping their promises. They provide certainty. 

Without trust, business is challenging.

At Fox Finance Group, we have been building our business on trusted relationships since 2006. We listen to our clients and referral partners to ensure that we help them find the right loan solution for their needs the first time.

Enabling complex financial deals.

We've helped thousands of Australian businesses grow by partnering with us and using smart lending strategies within their business with a clear strategy to take things to the next level.

We have been a part of the success stories of businesses trading in hospitality, retail, beauty services, transport and aviation, wholesalers, accountants, solicitors, real estate agents and much more.

We love a challenge, we are not a vanilla Finance Brokerage firm that only thinks within the box. We have a team of experienced Lending Specialists ready to workshop scenarios.

Focussed on creating certainty .. together

In the financial sector, we have all heard of the current difficulties in obtaining credit. The stories of some financial institutions' focus on growth as opposed to their client's financial wellbeing has been well publicised.

We provide certainty to our clients by focusing on the enablers, understanding our client's business and their people. The right product for the right opportunity. Building relationships.

We strongly believe that the selection of a loan product must suit the opportunity to hand, we want a customer for life, not one in strife.

If you feel that you or your clients could benefit from a relationship with us, please give us a call on 07 3505 3099 or visit our website for more details www.foxfinancegroup.com.au.

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