Reconnect With Your Clients and Spend An Evening With Us

The Fox Finance Group Team

Wade Grundon - The Sales Squad

At Fox Finance Group we have developed a unique way for us to help a select number of our Partners stay professionally connected with their clients.

We are a Sophisticated Financial Services Group that has a wealth of knowledge within our team, and we offer selected Partners and their Clients a chance to "Spend the Evening with Us".

Speak with us about how we can organise a professional evening for you and your clients that gives you an opportunity to re-connect with your clients and hear from our Industry Professionals and Strategic Partner, Wade Grundon from The Sales Squad.

Both Wade and the Fox Finance Group team will certainly leave you and your clients with valuable insights into growing a successful business while exploring topics such as;

  • How allowing critical thinking time in your business will get you more customers.
  • What are the steps to sales success?
  • How does your personal and commercial credit score effect your chances of getting funding?
  • Why do you need a Business Guarantee and how do you come up with one?
  • Buying a commercial property without using your personal equity - is it possible?
  • How does the average business owner retire  today and what simple steps can be made to retire comfortably?
  • How Unsecured Business Lending work today with the rise of Fintech Financiers.
  • How do you structure the best Mortgage Lending option right now for SMEs?

Spend An Evening With Us


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