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  • Nickname Raffy.
  • Time in the industry 20+ years.
  • Fun fact or something nobody knows about you When I jumped from the rooftop to the ground, I thought that I could make it but luckily I only got a minor injury.
  • Hobbies Watching Movies, Joining Craft Competitions and Playing Basketball.
  • The best advice you have been given Never give up, try everything and pursue your dreams.
  • Favourite song Bring me to Life, Be my Lady, I just can't stop loving you and I can wait forever.
  • Dream holiday destination Miami Beach.
  • The one thing you can't live without My hard pillow.
  • What song reflects your personality My Sacrifice.
  • Finish the sentence.... As a child I always Knew that I could achieve my Dreams.
  • If you had a super power what would it be To turn someone into a Super Namekian, the ability not to eat any kind of food and never get hungry, and to solve the worldwide crisis of hunger and malnourishment.

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