Our Team are the Preferred Choice to Thousands of Happy Customers

We Really Do Look After "Everything Financial" For Our Clients

A word from Dan Fox, Founder of Fox Finance Group.

" After 17 years experience with several finance companies I decided to establish Fox Finance Group in 2006 to offer customers the best possible finance solutions for their individual circumstances.

Like me, my staff possess a real passion for achieving loan approvals for our customers. This combined with the years of finance experience our staff have, is what separates us from other finance brokers.

We pride ourselves on our quick, professional and personalised approach. We give good advice coupled with tailored simple and flexible finance & insurance solutions.

Our systems are second to none and our relationship with over 40 major Australian financiers means we are able to deliver the best interest rates, terms and conditions.

We look forward to establishing a lasting and rewarding relationship with you. And perhaps most importantly, we look forward to helping you achieve your dreams.

We are 100% Australian owned and 100% committed to our customers. "

Core Values


Total - Total commitment and effort
Outstanding - Outstanding customer service
Respect - Respect for each other
Attractive - Attractive returns to shareholders
  • Every person, every idea counts
  • Regular, open & honest communication
  • Passion for learning and sharing ideas
  • Integrity, honesty & fairness
  • Ability to energise others
  • Assisting our people to grow and live their dreams
  • No limits or boundaries to what we can achieve together
  • No bureaucracy
  • Being accountable for your results, your attitude and your contribution to the team
  • When something is wrong, first look to correct the system rather than blame others

One of the exciting things about our business is seeing our clients grow and the privilege of growing with them. If your financial needs are growing and becoming more sophisticated, it might be an opportune time to contact us for a conversation about this.

Fox Finance is commited to Environmental Sustainability and Accountability. Read our Environmental Policy here.