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There are literally hundreds of home loan products available in Australia.
Local and international banks, building societies, credit unions and many specialist lenders offer an endless choice of home loan options.

Fox Finance Group are experts in assisting you determine the best home loan for your individual circumstances.

  • Variable Interest Rate Home Loans
  • Fixed Rate Home Loans
  • Combination Variable - Fixed Home Loans
  • Introductory & Honeymoon Home Loans
  • No Deposit or 100% Home Loans
  • Professional Home Loan Packages
  • Line of Credit - Equity Home Loans
  • Investment Home Loans
  • Bridging Home Loans
  • Second mortgages

Home Loans for Self Employed People

Today, more and more people are self employed (i.e.: they work for themselves as contractors or in their own business). In the past, obtaining a home loan has often been difficult for the self-employed, as they have been required to prove a savings history, regular income and profit over a set period of time.

It is now much easier to get a self employed home loan.

Self employed people who can prove their income can also qualify for the above types of home loans.

Some lenders offer low-documentation (no need to provide financials) home loans at the same rate as standard variable home loans, but low documentation home loans and non-conforming home loans are often priced higher than full-document and standard home loans and interest rates of course typically relate to the lender's view of you as a risk. (Variances are usually around 1-3% higher than a traditional loan, but rates depend on your level of credit impairment or risk).

Don't despair if you can't get lower rates immediately, as increasingly lenders will revert to lower rates after consistent 'on time' repayments. If you have been paying a higher rate on a home loan for more than a year and believe you have a case for rate review, talk to us now.

Home Loans for Credit Impaired People

Bad credit history? Less than perfect credit check? This is one of our specialties, at Fox Finance Group we understand that sometimes these situations can be out of your control e.g.: divorce, separation, loss of job etc.

We can help in these circumstances with specialised lenders that offer a 2nd chance and can help you get back on track to achieving your dreams and goals of owning your own home.

Did You Know?

Switching from monthly to weekly repayments on your home loan may cut over seven years off a 30-year home loan of $330,000*. Let’s say you currently pay $2,479 a month; pay $1,239 a fortnight instead and you’ll save over $160,000 in interest. If the terms of your home loan permit extra repayments and you pay an extra $20 a fortnight you will shave over 8 years and an extra $21,000 in interest off the life of your home loan.

Budgeting is a great way to work out how much more extra money you can afford to pay off your home loan. By cutting down on $3 worth of unnecessary expenses per day, you could put around $40 extra on your mortgage every fortnight.

Please call one of our experienced staff to confidentially discuss your unique circumstances on 1300 665 906.


*Please note that the interest rate used in these calculations was 8.25%. Feel free to call us to see how much you may be able to save off your loans.


Interest Rates - Where to Next?

Westpac disputes inflation data
By Adam Smith | 29/07/2011

Westpac has stuck to its guns in predicting RBA rate cuts, and has disputed high inflation figures.
June's CPI figures have indicated a 3.6% rise in inflation for the year, with a 0.9% rise over the quarter. However, Westpac economists have questioned the result, saying headline and core inflationary figures were impacted by flawed data.
Westpac senior economist Matthew Hassan pointed to the deposit and loan facilities component of the CPI, which saw a 5.4% rise for the year to June. Hassan said this component accounted for the higher-than-expected inflation result, and questioned the trustworthiness of the figures.
"We have long questioned the veracity of the deposit and loans component. It includes an indirectly measured estimate of the cost of financial services based on account balances and average interest rates. Yet while it appeared simple in theory, it has frequently thrown up deeply counter-intuitive results. With it also having one of the highest weightings in the CPI, it has also been a source of significant 'noise' on inflation reads," he said.
Westpac also claimed extreme weather events were still impacting inflation figures. The bank argued this trend would continue to reverse.
Chief economist Bill Evans claimed the inflation figures did not provide an adequate overview of the economy. He said the figures should not prompt an RBA rate hike.
"This is a situation where it is not sufficient to form a policy view just based on the aggregate number. It is necessary to look into the detailed drivers of this higher than expected result. When we do that we do not see a case for an RBA rate hike at the August meeting," he said.
Meanwhile, ANZ has become the first bank to forecast a rate hike next week. According to the Australian Financial Review, an ANZ release has predicted a 25bp rate rise when the RBA meets on Tuesday.


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