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Fox Finance Group Dispute Resolution Policy

Fox Finance Group is committed to building mutually beneficial long-term relationships in the financial services market by putting our service and the customer, first. We value feedback on the products we offer, the service we provide and the people that provide these products and services as a means of identifying opportunities to improve our service. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our products, processes or services, please contact us.

Our branch staff will make every effort to resolve your concerns. If our staff are unable to assist, they will refer your concerns to their manager and if he or she cannot resolve your concerns, you may request that the mater be referred to our Internal Dispute Resolution Officer.

If the dispute is about one of the insurance products offered on behalf of an Insurance company it will be referred to the insurance company to resolve. As an Authorised Representative we are required to report such disputes to the insurance company under the General Insurance Code of Practice.

The role of the Internal Dispute Resolution Officer is to investigate customer concerns and to make a final decision with a view to resolving the matter satisfactorily, in accordance with our internal dispute resolution process. The Officer usually has the authority to make a final decision and will notify you in writing within 15 business days of being notified of the dispute.

Our internal dispute resolution process is free of charge to all our customers.
If you do not agree with our internal Dispute resolution process:
We will refer the matter to an independent Ombudsman (COSL Ph: 1800 138 422) who will review the complaint & provide an independent mediation and resolution service free of charge to you.
If your complaint is about our collection & use of your personal information you may refer the matter to the Australian Privacy Commissioner who will investigate your concerns and make a decision at no cost to you.
If you require assistance in understanding how our internal dispute resolution process operates, contact our:
Internal Dispute Resolution Officer

Phone: 1300 665 906
Fax: 1300 665 990
Post: P.O. Box 582, Caloundra, QId 4551.
Contact Us: via our online form

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We were given an opportunity to own our own business and it was an offer too good to refuse. We went straight to our finance broker to see if we were good for the money. “Not a problem” he said. Four months later and many anxious days and sleepless night we were referred to Fox Financ...

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