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Let Fox Finance Group put you behind the wheel of the car of your dreams! Whether it's a second hand 1985 Toyota or a brand new BMW, we can have you driving away soon.

When purchasing a car, don't just consider the one finance product offered by the car dealership or use your bank's car loan product. Car loans vary dramatically in terms of rate, length of loan, credit criteria and the fees payable etc, it's important to understand the product options available so that you choose a car loan that's right for you. In fact, why not get a pre approval so you know exactly how much you can spend on that new car.

We offer products from Australia's leading car finance companies.

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Available Car Loans

  • Chattel Mortgages
  • Finance leases
  • Hire purchase
  • Novated leases
  • Secured car loans

Last Chance Car Finance

  • New to Australia?
  • Can't prove your income?
  • Forgot to pay off your credit card, maybe missed some repayments?
  • Bad credit history or unsure about a credit check?
  • Several defaults?
  • Been bankrupt?

We have great options for customers who may fall into the above categories. Our staff are specially trained to assist all customers achieve the car loan approval you deserve.

If you require expert advice on your particular situation you can contact our finance experts who will be able to listen to your situation and work out a solution and package to obtain a suitable finance arrangement for your needs.

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Choose the Right Car for You

Buying a new car can be a big purchase and one not to be taken lightly! With some basic planning you can match the needs of your lifestyle with the appropriate vehicle. Whether you are buying a car new or second hand, the starting point should be the same:

What do I need my car for?

How much can I spend?

Once decided, here are some other key considerations:


  • Your budget will be determined by the price of the car as well as running costs, including insurance and depreciation. According to the NRMA Vehicle Operating Costs Passenger Cars and Petrol report, depreciation accounts for up to 45% of total weekly cost of running a small new car and up to 50% of running cost for larger cars. A second hand car will depreciate at a slower rate than new but your gains may be wiped out by increased maintenance costs and fuel consumption.


  • Think about how many people the car will transport and whether you need to accommodate bulky child restraints. For city driving a smaller car will be easier to park. If, however, it will be towing a trailer or caravan you will need correspondingly more power. Also, is it a first or second car and how important is boot capacity?


  • If all the research sounds like too much hard work, car-buying services are available!


Remember, practicalities are not the only consideration only you can decide to overlook a fuel-guzzling engine for the exhilaration of acceleration or pay a premium for the credibility of a luxury brand!

Ask us about the right car for you today!


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