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Combining years of experience and a real passion to achieve loan approvals for our customers is what makes Fox Finance Group your preferred finance service.

The Fox Finance Group is made up of several related businesses. If you are ONLY interested in a specific type of finance, please click here to be taken to our specialist website, car loan, home loan or business loan,

Fox Finance Group will provide you with Easy Finance Solutions.

As your finance broker, our role is more than arranging the best possible finance solutions. Our goal is to always be up-todate with the finance products and services on offer. This is a very exciting time as the level of competition between banks, credit unions and other lenders means there are many attractive loan packages available.

These lenders are looking for business and as your finance broker we're in the best position to arrange a deal that suits your particular needs.

The market place has never been more complex with all that is on offer from the more basic, right up to more complicated products that need considerable thought and management. So, as well as our ability to help you choose the best available product, you have the added benefit of our ongoing assistance and support.*


It's often nice to be able to pick up the phone and talk to a real person and know they understand your circumstances and genuinely want to help. We're here for you!

As everyone's circumstances change from time to time; be it redundancy, promotion, an addition to the family, or potential retirement, all can mean it's time to review your loan arrangements and make sure your finances continue to work for you.

Remember, we're here to help and we're only a phone call away.

Australian Credit Licence: 382952


*opportunity to be provided with a loan is subject to responsible lending rules (National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009).

The information on this website is intended as an introduction to the various topics covered and the website visitor is invited to call the friendly and professional team at Fox Finance Group, on 1300 665 906 to be provided with the full details.


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We were given an opportunity to own our own business and it was an offer too good to refuse. We went straight to our finance broker to see if we were good for the money. “Not a problem” he said. Four months later and many anxious days and sleepless night we were referred to Fox Financ...

Derek and Kathy
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