Home Loan Refinancing
- How Much Can You Save?
Home Loan Refinancing
- How Much Can You Save?

Home Loan Refinance Tips

Refinancing your home is a big decision!!

There are some costs to consider and taking a long-term view of your individual circumstances before signing on the dotted line is a very wise decision.

We have developed a simple online home loan re-finance calculator so you can work out how much money you could be saving every month. Once you've calculated your savings you can apply now.

Once you've calculated how much you could be saving, one of our Home Loan Refinancing Specialists would love to have a chat with you, obligation free, about the best home loan options available to you right now.


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Here are our Top 5 Tips to consider before making the switch with your home loan refinance.

Tip One

Avoid sending loan applications to multiple financiers in hope that one will say yes. This is likely to reduce your credit worthiness and chances of being approved for your home loan refinance. You ideally want to only make one loan application to the right lender that will accept your application the first time.

Tip Two

Compare all the costs of any new mortgage, not just the headline rates. Most mortgages have different application fees, ongoing fees and exit fees.There could also be government charges to discharge and refinance a mortgage that you may need to consider.

Tip Three

Make sure you can make additional repayments to your mortgage without being hit with additional fees and charges.

Tip Four

Make sure the lower interest rate being offered is for the life of the mortgage and not just a honeymoon rate that reverts to a higher than normal rate after a certain period.

Tip Five

Speak with an experienced Mortgage Broker who can provide you with the right advice and right re-finance home loan solution for your situation.

Calculate how much you could be saving before speaking with one of our Home Loan Refinancing Specialists for an obligation free chat.

No time to chat right now? Simply complete our online form and one of our Home Loan Lending Specialists will be in touch to speak with you further about what your home loan refinancing options look like.

* Terms and conditions apply. Subject to the lender's own assessment and product policies. The Comparison Rate helps you work out the total cost of the loan (including fees and charges) and can also help you compare different loans. For further information on this and more, speak with one of our Lending Specialists today. Comparison Rate effective as at 15.05.2022.

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