Environmental Sustainability Policy in Maroochydore

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Fox Car Loan's main focus to environmental sustainability is about making sure we are a profitable company in the long term. It makes good business sense that environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our business. Our company, staff and families all have concerns for the environment and as a consequence this policy has been implemented to assist and guide us with a more efficient use of energy, paper, water and other environmental concerns.


  • To provide staff and management with clear direction on incorporating environmental sustainability into all elements of our business.
  • To ensure compliance now and into the future with all statutory requirements.
  • To raise awareness with management and staff and to influence positively the culture towards environmental sustainability.
  • This policy to be reviewed annually to ensure regular improvements are made.


We will conserve and use energy wisely & responsibly
  • All Fox Car Loan offices to have regular (at least annual) air conditioner services.
  • Air conditioners to be programmed to automatically turn off (where possible) at 5pm to ensure they are not left on overnight.
  • Air conditioners to be set at the most efficient temperature of 24 degrees.
  • Incorporate energy usage considerations into purchase decisions; air conditioners, fridges, light globes, computers, printers, faxes etc.
  • All offices to use energy efficient fluorescent light globes.
  • When not in use, turn off electrical appliances such as computers, monitors and paper shredders etc.
  • Where possible use a laptop rather than a desktop computer as laptops use less than half the energy.


Staff to be educated on efficient use of water in the workplace and at home.


The nature of our business and the way this type of business has traditionally been performed lends itself to huge wastage of paper and therefore has a huge impact on the environment.
  • Where possible establish electronic computer files (with a safe backup process) rather than maintain hard copies of documents. This single initiative could save hundreds of dollars in paper and ink.
  • Use office paper that is from sustainable sources.
  • Shred all confidential waste documents and place the shredded paper in a recycle bin.
  • Where possible use double sided printing.
  • Use outdated pads of forms as note pads etc.


Driving habits, type of vehicle etc, all affect the environment.
  • Plan trips- planning will result in fewer trips and more efficient travel.
  • Avoid peak hour where possible.
  • Drive smoothly to reduce fuel wasted.
  • Have cars serviced regularly.
  • Take care with tyres; ensure they are the correct pressure.
  • Use air conditioning only when necessary.
  • Purchase carbon credits (nrma.com.au) to offset your carbon emissions, our director Dan Fox does this each year (and so he should, he drives a Hummer).


  • When considering suppliers include in the decision making process the level of participation of the supplier in environmental sustainability practices.
  • Actively support any local environmental programs.
  • Include into the staff induction process a thorough review of this policy.


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