Why Do Clients Keep Coming Back?

Our team have literally helped thousands of clients achieve their financial dreams. As a Fox Finance Group client your financial future becomes a whole lot easier to understand. Our team are passionate about helping our clients untangle the web of finance and are there to them every step of the way. It's our job to help keep the banks competitive and present the very best finance and planning options for our client's needs.

What Is So Different About Us?

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Who Is Fox Finance Group?

Fox Finance Group was established in 2006 and has been helping their clients fund and insure cars, bikes, boats, jet skis, caravans, camper trailers, trucks, machinery, homes, commercial buildings and pretty much anything else you can think of since this time.

Fox Finance Group are heavily focused on building our Introducer and Aggregation networks and are committed to ensuring that we consistently offer our Team, Partners and Clients more choices, and an unmatched professional and diversified service offering.

Fox Finance Group business develops and maintains various online marketing strategies throughout our various websites and social media platforms which we utilise to create opportunities for business growth not only today but also long into the future.

Fox Finance Group are engaged in various committees, networking groups, charities and professional industry groups to ensure that the Fox Finance Group brand is professionally represented in the marketplace both locally and Australia wide.

What Is The Opportunity?


We are a rapidly growing and well-respected Financial Services Group with a large network along the east coast of Australia. We are looking for experienced finance professionals with a proven track record within the Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine, Caravan or Machinery industries to join our highly successful team. This opportunity does not limit you to a region nor does it cap your earning potential. We offer full in-house training with our professional team and industry partners.

For the right person, we can also offer highly motivated experienced professionals the opportunity to work with some of our existing Introducers. What this would mean for the successful applicant is instant applications that can lead to instant income.

What Do We Offer?

Your Part - Personal Qualities, Skills And Aptitudes

We’re a passionate team of people working together like a well oiled machine. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and dedication to our work. If you’re considering a career change, or would like to progress your finance career to the next step- consider having a chat with us today.

Career With Fox

Career With Fox

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